We Bring Ideas to Life

Industrial Alloy Fabrication recently completed the fabrication of a hemispherical outlet collector. The 72″ hemispherical outlet collector was made for a reactor and is comprised of twelve (12) equal sections made from ¼” thick 321 stainless steel.

What’s Special About This Project

The project began as an email request with hand sketched drawings from 1980 attached to it. Once we were awarded the work, we were able to create a 3D model of the nearly 40-year-old sketches and provide approval drawings. This served a couple of purposes:

  1. It enabled our customer to confirm that we understood what was needed and how we planned to execute.
  2. It provided our customer with a fresh set of drawings that were clear, legible and generated utilizing the latest in CAD software.

Take a look at the ordered gallery below to see the progression of this project’s fabrication.