Tower Internals

Industrial Alloy Fabrication has over 20 years of experience providing the process industry with complete replacements for tower internals, regardless of the OEM. Our end-to-end manufactured solutions for vessel internal applications can be used for new towers or those requiring repairs or enhancements. We can take your engineering blueprint and work with you to come up with a final product designed to your specifications.

Quality Engineering

Internals for tray towers must be configured to handle the pressures of high liquid and vapor loading, internal structural support, and numerous inputs and draws. IAF produces mass transfer internals on-site, ensuring that each application is built to exceed industry standards.

Products Offered

  • Fractionation Trays
  • Fixed Valve Trays
  • Floating Valve Trays
  • Collector Trays
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Supports and Limiters
  • Distributors
  • Tower Packing

Built to Order

Our technicians can develop custom solutions or create replacements for parts needed in your process applications. Those include Liquid-Liquid or Vapor-Liquid mechanical separation elements. We can also provide accessories created from a variety of materials, customized to fit the shape and size you require.

Contact IAF today at (713) 937-3223 to discuss how we can cover your requirements for tower internals.

Industrial Alloy Fabrication offers turnkey project solutions and world class engineering, fabrication, and procurement services.