Reactor Internals

Industrial Alloy Fabrication provides the expertise and materials needed to produce reactor internals relied upon throughout a variety of vessel configurations. We can get the job done on your deadline by working direct with end-users, original licensor or vessel fabricators. 

Reliable End Products

Our engineers have the skill and experience needed to come up with solutions to your reactor issues. We can handle bottlenecks, come up with resolutions to catalyst containment problems, and provide better optimization of reactor beds. Industrial Alloy Fabric works hand in hand with their clients to ensure satisfaction with the result.

Robust Processing Capabilities

Our company uses state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide a variety of applications meeting the specifications of our customers. We keep an abundant supply of materials on hand, meaning we’re prepared for quick responses to client fabrication needs. IAF not only meets but exceeds standards set for tolerances in the fabrication industry. Those standards apply to every fabrication job performed by our technicians.

Products Offered

  • Scallops
  • Center pipes
  • Inlets & outlets
  • Catalyst support grids
  • Baskets
  • Beams
  • Cover plates
  • Packing glands
  • Distributor trays

Axial Flow Reactor

The flow direction inside axial flow reactors runs along the vessel axis. Maintaining the components in an axial flow reactor is critical in ensuring maximum output through retention in the catalyst and superior process flow. Industrial Alloy Fabrication engineers can make sure your catalysts maintain the proper levels of liquid or gas flow in both vertical and horizontal designs.

Radial Flow Reactor

The flow inside radial flow reactors goes across both the catalyst bed and the length of the vessel at the same time. Our team can quickly assess your core needs when an emergency arises with your radial flow reactor and quickly ship out complete solutions either locally or globally. We come up with creative solutions designed to keep your radial flow working at its maximum potential.

Trusted Throughout the Industry

Industrial Alloy Fabrication maintains plan designs for their clients, saving time and money when it comes to planning and engineering solutions. Don’t leave the repair and replacement of critical reactor internals to chance. Learn more about what we can provide by calling (281) 962-0358 to set up an initial consultation.

Industrial Alloy Fabrication offers turnkey project solutions and world class engineering, fabrication, and procurement services.