Outlet Collectors

Where can you use Outlet Collectors? Outlet Collectors can be found in a variety of vessels and are used to mitigate catalyst/media migration. They are typically cylindrical in shape and are sometimes confused with inlet distributors when they are mounted at the top of a vessel which. Outlet Collectors are commonly used in axial flow processes such as Hydrodesulphurization, Gas Driers and Hydrocracking to name a few. 


When designing an outlet collector, IAF is cautious to consider not only the proper diameter and height, but also the number of sections it needs to be in order to ensure a smooth installation.


How are Outlet Collectors typically assembled? Outlet Collectors range from simple screen only construction for light duty needs to more complex arrangements using bearing bars and profile wire to support larger design loads. 


No matter the configuration of Outlet Collector you need IAF can fabricate it.