In-Line Filter Reproduction

Just using hand drawn sketches and photos of an old part, this in-line filter was reproduced as a 3D model in our CAD software and eventually fabricated into the finished product pictured here.

The original filter was fabricated from woven wire mesh which was fine for the application and would have continued to work until the next inspection interval, maybe even two. However, we offered the option of utilizing a more modern material (profile/wedge wire screen) for their application in order to increase the longevity of the component, for countless inspection intervals to come. Our client agreed with us as profile wire (wedge wire) is more robust and manufactured with precision compared to traditional wire mesh screens.

The unique design clogs much less due to a continuous gap (slot opening) and in most cases can withstand lower levels of pressure on its own because of the integrated supports.

Industrial Alloy Fabrication builds filters similar to these for many applications, including oil and gas, water treatment, industrial, architectural, and more.