Company Principles

Company Principles

"We will differentiate ourselves by making our performance the proof point for our reputation. Our performance, combined with the quality of our people and our long-term commitment, is what enables us to win - and deliver for our customers - the best projects on Earth."

Perform as Promised

  • Promise what we can deliver. Deliver what we promise.
  • Leverage our experience, capabilities, and diverse talent for the benefit of our customers.
  • Be disciplined in the execution of our work processes and procedures, which we continually improve through learning and innovation.
  • Continually earn our reputation for uncompromising ethics and our delivery of safe, quality, and on-time projects.

Build our Company for the Long Term

  • Balance short-term risk and reward with a long-term perspective. Think, plan, and act with the long-term interests of our customers, our industries, and our company in mind.
  • Sustain our strong values, including those inherent with being management-owned and led.
  • Innovate and invest with a view to continually improve our competitiveness and increase the delivered value to our customers.