IAF has nearly 20 years experience manufacturing Reactor and Tower Internal products for end-users, turnaround service contractors and EPC firms in the US and internationally. From mist eliminators to reactor trays and scallops we continue to serve as a reliable partner to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. 

We offer turnkey project solutions and world class engineering, fabrication, and procurement services. 

For over 20 years, IAF has been providing customers with high quality service in the industrial manufacturing, drilling, and refining & petrochemical markets to help them manage costs, achieve schedule, and meet their operational goals. 


We will differentiate ourselves by making our performance the proof point for our reputation. Our performance, combined with the quality of our people and our long-term commitment, is what enables us to win – and deliver for our customers – the best projects on Earth. 

Perform as Promised

  • Promise what we can deliver. Deliver what we promise. 
  • Leverage our experience, capabilities, and diverse talent for the benefit of our customers. 
  • Be disciplined in the execution of our work processes and procedures, which we continually improve through learning and innovation. 
  • Continually earn our reputation for upcompromising ethics and our delivery of safe, quality, and on time projects. 

Build our Company for the Long Term

  • Balance short-term risk and reward with a long-term perspective. Think, plan, and act with the long term interests of our customers, our industries, and our company in mind. 
  • Sustain our strong values, including those inherent with being management-owned and led. 
  • Innovate and invest with a view to continually improve our competitiveness and increase the delivered value to our customers. 

Our Specialties

Industrial Alloy Fabrication offers turnkey project solutions and world class engineering, fabrication, and procurement services.