IAF - The Reactor & Tower Internals Specialists Since 1998


Industrial Alloy Fabrication, Houston Texas

IAF has nearly 20 years’ experience manufacturing Reactor and Tower Internal products for end-users, turnaround service contractors and EPC firms in the US and internationally. From mist eliminators to reactor trays and scallops we continue to serve as a reliable partner to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

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Products & Services

Specializing in Reactor Internals, we product high quality scallops. <Read More>
Offering all types of distributor trays. <Read More>
Tower Internal fractionation trays <Read More>
Center pipes in multiple alloys <Read More>
High quality fabrication of collectors <Read More>
Strainers in all sizes & configurations <Read More>
Mist eliminators to fit your requirements <Read More>
Full engineering of all your Tower Internals needs <Read More>
Our Specialty - Tower Internals


Industries Served

Local, national and international clients in the petrochemical industry.
Well versed in the product demands for the oil & gas industry...
ISO certified, we follow the strictest protocols to meet the requirements of our customers in the chemical industry.
Efficiently and expertly, we provide products that are not only high quality, but also cost effective.
Whether its oil, gas or renewable energy, our know-how saves time and money, all while meeting our customers' requirements.
Our accomplished craftsmen provide product innovation and ingenuity.
Competent shop specialists with a high level of experience in marine fabrication.